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Adult webcam broadcast male female

The last egg was laid on April 24, which puts the hatch date around May 25. Typically peregrine falcons always defend their eyrie (nest), especially when they are in the breeding season. On Friday, April 7, I accompanied Ben Wurst to the rooftop to fix the outside camera.

Above the nest box was a dead, uneaten American woodcock, which is an amazing and unlikely prey item in the city!They can drink fresh water, but most of their water comes directly from eating fresh prey.So, during hot days they typically tend to lay low during the hottest part of the day and forage in the early morning and dusk hours of the day.Photographer Shayna Marchese sent in this photo showing where 41/AX visits to possibly feed and preen while her mate takes a turn at incubating.This is a nearby chuch where Shayna has seen her perched in the past.

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I hope that if you watch this camera and enjoy what you see, then you can help support it by making a donation online today. In some species you can even identify the prey from disecting their pellets, which make for a fun science project for kids in school. Love was in the air when Kathy and I visited 101 Hudson St. As we replaced the old network wire with a new one, we watched as the nesting pair courted and flew aerial courtship displays in front of us. They have been incubating the two eggs since the second was laid, so we will be surprised if another is laid.

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