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And now it is dragging me across the floor toward its hideous suckered mouths! If the heroes (and thus the audience) choose to read this log from the beginning, the log will no doubt start and progress the same way, with hopeful characters recording the casual details of their lives and work, until things start going sideways and the entries shift towards concern, disbelief, desperation and/or (ultimately) insanity. "A story is told through a log, diary, or journal that a character used to document their activities and progress through the backstory before something bad happened to its writer.

I hope this helped, if it did give me some feedback!

Double bonus points if it's a written log that somehow records the author's final dying moments.

Depending on the timeframe and nature of the apocalyptic event, the log may have gone through Ragnark Proofing in order to be legibly retrieved by the heroes.

even now I can hear the footsteps of that shambling monstrosity, and hear its eerie piping upon the wind. A staple of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction to explain to the cast how the world ended up the way it is, it can also be used as a handy way to fill in heroes who arrive Late to the Tragedy, and one of the first (or last) things that a "rescue" party answering a Distress Call will find.

Poor Blakely, he never dreamed — but now the door is being smashed to flinders, and at last I behold what my meddling has awakened! You can expect that whoever made this log will have recorded events up until their last breath.

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Deadline News is a related trope where the very bad thing happens to the TV news crew reporting live on it. More than eighty percent of the ship is uninhabitable. It seems less and less likely that the few of us left will reach our destination.