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Sexual intercourse by an adult with a person below a statutorily designated age.

The criminal offense of statutory rape is committed when an adult sexually penetrates a person who, under the law, is incapable of consenting to sex.

Most legislatures include statutory rape provisions in statutes that punish a number of different types of sexual assault.

Statutory rape is different from other types of rape in that force and lack of consent are not necessary for conviction.

legislation and suggest that educational context may be more important than age asymmetry in predicting adolescent female sexual activity--specifically, that young women dating older males who are still in secondary school are at less risk of sexual intercourse than female teenagers dating males who do not attend school, regardless of the males' ages.

When I was fourteen, an older boy from my high school raped me at a party.

Minors and physically and mentally incapacitated persons are deemed incapable of consenting to sex under rape statutes in all states.

These persons are considered deserving of special protection because they are especially vulnerable due to their youth or condition.

If you're in a position where you've been overpowered and violated, antagonizing your attacker can put you at greater risk. Don't downplay the trauma of people who experience oral rape. And if anyone sticks their parts into your parts without your enthusiastic permission, that is not OK.

A judgement paper released by magistrate Bridget Shaw recounted how the incident happened in August 2016.

The defendant, then 36, was a mature student in the third year of study at a London medical school who was staying with his parents in Jersey in the summer holidays when he met the female healthcare worker.

These apologists have confronted me with variations of a few phrases meant to shame me into agreeing that I must be to blame for my own assault.

Just as when people ask a victim of date rape why they didn't beat their assailant with their fists.

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Just as putting a penis into a vagina isn't the only way to have sex, putting a penis into a vagina isn't the only way to rape. But when consent is absent, those acts all become assault.

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