Dating doormat

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Dating doormat

If your wife had a long day and wants to share a romantic meal with you, give up watching the big game with the guys and take her out for a nice dinner. Signs that you might be the family doormat include: Do you always do the chores that everybody hates, like cleaning the bathroom?Whether you’re trying to be more flexible as a parent or as a husband, make sure you’re not the only one making the sacrifices. When you go out to eat, is it always to your wife’s choice of restaurant?

Instead, carve out time to hash out house rules and parenting styles with your partner.Our definition of a nice guy is one who will be himself, not pretend to be who he thinks we want. Wanted someone to carry her shopping bags while in the mall all day Saturday? And while all this attentive behavior seemed nice and sweet, it was actually making him less attractive.#2 Being Too Available One of my girlfriends used to date a guy who we nicknamed 7-11. Because he was available 24/7 for any and all of her needs. And it wasn’t long before he got dumped for another man who wasn’t such a doormat.There is nothing wrong with letting your wife choose the restaurant if you’re celebrating her success, but does she ever agree to your selection? That’s the clearest sign that you are on the slippery slope to being a doormat.Sharing chores is a great way to keep a clean, comfortable house but do you always have to do that job that nobody likes? How can you man up and regain control of your life? If you really can’t stand to get Chinese takeout again, say no. When you’re in a doormat rut, bending over backwards to make everybody else happy it can feel terrible to stand up for yourself.

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At least not according to a woman’s definition of a nice guy. Watch the video below to see how our version of a nice guy is drastically different to yours.

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