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Dating epiphone guitars serial numbers

The screw pattern on the back of the headstock clearly indicated that this thing originally had those cheap chrome covered tuners on it.

While the logo isn't exact, it is similar to yours...plain black as apposed to the black outlined gold of the E series instruments.

) as apposed to the full size blocks found on the earlier MIJ's.

Further, the body on my '92 MIK was actually plywood where as the earlier MIJ's used basswood (although I understand alder bodies are out there).

Not that the MIK had a "bad" neck but the '85 MIJ is much, MUCH nicer...really a very high quality neck. Again you can see the lower end bridge on this one that is similar to yours.

Now here's a pic of the body on the MIK so you can compare it to yours (and yea... While I obviously can't tell from your pictures, I'd be willing to bet your MIJ only had the half sized zinc trem block (yes/no?

It has quite a few vintage touches(8 hole single ply pickguard, butt end truss rod adjuster, fiesta red color, vintage size fretsw/ maple neck) It looks like it could be a vintage re-issue except for the modern style string trees and die-cast "Fender" tuners. I'm no expert on these so please take my comments as being only my own personal opinion and use them for what you feel they are worth.

According to the info here on, the T series serial number indicates that it is probably a '94 - '95 and to my eyes, the instrument does look consistent with that era.

If you want to see a 1987 MIJ Squire E series Stratocaster, take a look at mine.According to Wikipedia (all hail the Almighty Wiki! ), the Squier MIJ's were made at the Fuji Gen plant until '97 and the serial numbers follow the Fender MIJ dating.Before I go any further here, I have to say that the mid 80's MIJ Squiers seem to be completely different animals from later MIJ's.I don't have any decent pics of the body on my '85 MIJ for comparison but please know that it's very similar to the pics that Paisley posted of his..has the steel "unstamped" saddles, etc. While the neck from the MIK was sold on a different body, I still have the MIK body and when you compare the workmanship to my '85 MIJ....there's simply no comparison.That MIK body is -really- cheap where as the '85 MIJ, despite being basswood (which really isn't a problem for me) shows some very nice craftsmanship to say the least.

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