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Henges and stone circles (see: Henge Monuments) have their origins before this, and, though there may have been developments inspired by ‘Beaker culture’, these were evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Having said that, innovations such as the sarsen settings of Stonehenge, or the massive chalk mound of Silbury Hill, might possibly be the result of Beaker influence.

The latest valuable collection of buried treasure was discovered by lifelong friends Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania near Lichfield, the site of the 2009 discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard.

It is a collection of jewellery which could be the oldest Iron Age gold ever discovered in Britain.

Pure copper is, however, soft and not ideally suited to the purpose.

It was discovered that, by alloying copper with tin, a much more durable metal could be produced: bronze.

It was discovered by archaeologists investigating a site at Amesbury, some 3 miles south-east of Stonehenge, in advance of building work.Further, it appears that a different skull shape is not, necessarily, indicative of a different race – it could have been caused by factors, like diet or climate (after all, Neolithic Age long barrows and Bronze Age round barrows are separated by something like one and a half millennia).Although it is a subject of ongoing debate and research, it is probably fair to say that most archaeologists tend to the view that, rather than a race of foreign interlopers, the Beaker people were simply the native population, who had adopted the Beaker cultural package, introduced from Europe by a limited number of migrants and by trade.Seventeen ‘barbed and tanged’ flint arrowheads were found in positions which suggested that a quiver full of arrows had been scattered over his lower half.(It seems reasonable to suppose that there would have originally been a bow also, but, like the arrow shafts and any clothing items, it had long since rotted away).

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