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Definition of validating feelings

This is a basic, yet important, therapeutic technique.

After all, if a counselor is making a client feel validated, understood, and listened to through reflecting feelings, then the counselor is establishing a rapport and effecting a working relationship with that client.

Additionally, reflecting feelings makes a person feel understood and listened to.

In a world with so many distractions, good listeners are hard to come by.

Just reflecting feelings alone can make a client feel validated, understood, and listened to, and it can even bring awareness to hidden secondary emotions. This can be a relief to a person or client who is struggling with some difficult feelings.

Imagine a man in a Catholic confessional exposing some of his deepest and darkest secrets to a priest: Joe tells his priest, ''I'm married but I have been seeing another woman intimately, and I haven't been able to sleep or eat because keeping this secret is eating me up inside.'' The priest replies, ''You are feeling guilty.'' Joe says, ''Exactly, tremendously guilty.'' In this case, the priest is reflecting Joe's gut-wrenching feeling of guilt, and in effect, this validates and supports Joe's feeling this way.

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Three purposes of reflecting feelings are: Reflecting feelings is often used in counseling to establish rapport and build a relationship with a client.

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