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Fathers play an important role in a man’s development, or lack thereof.

Men without fathers usually get their idea of what a man should be from outsiders, and these outside influences aren’t always positive i.e.

“all real men lie”, something he learned from friends.

He may be insecure in his ability to be a man and/or confused about what the role of a man is in a relationship if he didn’t have his father as an example; without having an example of how a man should manage his emotions, he may even be the man that ignores his feelings or has a hard time showing them.

Here are some tips on how to strike that balance between being intentional and patient: 1) Stay curious When you’re listening to a friend recount her dating life, you’re able to be interested without investing too much into what happens later on.

” Perhaps you initiated a conversation with a match, answered a text with another one person, went to a yoga class or signed up for sailing lessons.

If you’re trying – in ways big and small – that’s enough. Eventually when we sow enough seeds, good things happen.

Don’t we just love the stereotypes that society gives fatherless women? A father is to a man as Van Gogh is to an aspiring artist; he’s the .

Contrary to popular belief, being fatherless doesn’t only negatively affect girls; men have daddy issues, too!

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