How to rowupdating in gridview english dating service site on line

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How to rowupdating in gridview

If user clicks the Cancel button while Grid View is in editing mode, you need to Cancel the Editing process and also need to reset the Edit Index property to -1 in the Row Canceling Edit event of the Grid View control as shown below: The last step is to handle the Row Updating event to actually update the back end database.To do this we first need to obtain the reference of the current row by using its index no as shown in the first line below.In data driven web sites, users are normally allowed to view data and administrators are allowed to add, edit or delete data.In this tutorial I will show you how you can create an editable Grid View control for administrators to modify database records directly into the Grid View control.In the above code, I set two properties Show Edit Button and Show Cancel Button of Command Field.These properties will automatically render Edit, Update and Cancel buttons inside Grid View column.

of the 1st column but when I am changing the cell value to 1,2,3,4,5,6 I am getting empty.

Last line of the following code is calling a local method for updating the database and passing all the parameters to this method.

Please keep in mind that there are many different ways to update the database using the Grid View control depending on the type of data you are updating and the functionality the user need and there are many solutions to achieve the same end result.

All you need to do is add an attribute to the Gridview. This will prevent them from being generated and there will be no need to manually remove them by default it is set to true in your case the columns are auto generated based upon the data in the at the same you are specifying the columns for the gridview.

thats the reason you are seeing the extra columns..

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Each column represents a field, while each row represents a record.