Is mark brunetz dating

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Is mark brunetz dating

Yes, even though I harp on you to let go, lighten up, declutter and not cling to stuff just because it was your mom's or your grandma's or your first love's or your dog's.

And even though I understand as well as anyone the psychology behind our attachment to stuff, and I had better because I am writing a book about it called "What to Do With a Houseful of Memories," I still cling. Last week I told you about my conversation with Mark Brunetz, co-host of Style Network's Clean House.

I don't obsess about the quality of my knives or get all whipped up about a new recipe.

But I do have a collection of about 20 cookbooks, which occupy one shelf in the kitchen everywhere I live.

I have pared this collection down to only those cookbooks that have at least one recipe I use, but do I really need to haul them around? You are onto the next book.""But they feel like a part of me," I say."Give them to the closest library, which will store them for free, and you can visit them and check them out any time you want."I think about this, and decide to meet him halfway, and cut my collection in half.

But their love won't change if you let the lamps go."I know this. My calendars The story: I have used a paper-based time management system since 1995.

Every year, I get a new set of calendar pages with a neat box labeled to archive my old calendar.

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Nevertheless, it has spawned two spin-offs and is successful in the ratings.

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