Live update not updating virus definitions

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Live update not updating virus definitions

I have been checking on the Security history since Norton update to version 22.7 last week and I noticed in the Live Update that it didn't update "Norton Virus Definitions x64". I know that SDS Definitions x64 is been updating for past 2 weeks or so (even before version 22.7).

I also found out when I was looking through the Virus Defs folder in Norton Data that the folder is now empty. I would like to know if Norton has stopped updating Virus Definitions from Live Update?

This section describes the process of uninstalling and reinstalling Symantec.

Note: If your some reason you are unable to uninstall Symantec by following the instructions in this document, you may have to remove the program manually; see Manually Uninstalling Symantec Products.

For information on how updates occur on Endpoint Protection client computers, please see Choose a distribution method to update content on clients.

The Endpoint Protection Manager applies Live Update Content policies to groups and to all locations in groups.

Therefore, the policy does not appear with other policies under locations in the console.

Before you begin troubleshooting Live Update, verify that you are able to connect to and browse

If you are not able to browse this site, it is most likely an internet connectivity issue.

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If I run it again after a successful download, it will always say it's up to date.

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