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Mature woman blonde spiky hair

The off-center parting frames and displays her forehead and adds a touch of asymmetrical modern style.

See also Important Haircut for a symbolic, usually "on-screen" haircut, and Good Hair, Evil Hair for when this trope is used in conjunction with a Heel Face Turn or Face Heel Turn.The off-center parting adds trendy asymmetry and displays the color contrast of the darker roots.The defined, broken waves provide attractive extra volume and shape – contrasting with the straight, spiky ends – in a totally modern twist.Likewise, the sight of a usually picture-perfect woman with waist-length disheveled hair is often used to conjure the image of insanity or sadness, especially in the case of the Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl or The Ophelia.Usually this sort of change is done to show the passage of time in either a Flash Forward or a Flash Back, or to signify a scene or setting change.

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