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I was given a money tracking number, grant call back number, and a grant number.

As no one here had called the grant call back number (Richard x113), I phoned it and spoke to a woman named Linda. I told her that it was really hard to believe that the US government was giving money to people just for being good citizens.

He rang me straight back, asking for my mobile number, I refused & told him I had taken his number and was calling the police to report him as a nuisance caller and hung up. After I had contacted the police, he rang back again, I told him that I had contacted the police & given them his number, that I had signed up the the "Google telephone preference service" and that I did not want to hear from him again. The current scam they are using is to do with STRATX MARKETS Binary Traders.

So far it seems to have worked, as I have not heard anymore from him. They say they have frozen assests that shows you have money in.

Thank you :))I received a call from this number a couple of days ago, "Danny" told me I could save money on my electricity bills, when I told him I wasn't interested, he said "Are you F****ing Stupid" I was quite taken aback, & asked him to repeat what he had just said, he said "No because you will record me" I told him I already had.

I told him I did not like being spoken to in this manner, & to remove my number from his database and hung up.

So please, if anybody got more info on this, who and where from was it then please leave a comment!

They send a contract showing the money then ask you to top it up to £1500 to be invested in a Jupiter 5* bond Put the phone down Regards Chris Woke me out of bed at AM.

Raced to the phone expecting to hear an emergency only to hear a robo call: "Hi, this is Donna from credit services.

"It was troubling."Bjork, speaking alongside Vitter at the news conference, called it a "sad" and "unexpected" day for Ole Miss.

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