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Unclear whether it was posted by a Superfolder(I hope not) or a hacker. […] When SF Jishua started posted Daily Ewoks, I thought they were awesome, but didn’t expect more than a week’s worth. I was seriously hooked on those games back in the day! In fact, he […] The awesome picture above (made by SF OYITLeader Jake) is exactly the opposite of what you should do for this showcase! I’ve been really into retro videogames lately: Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda, etc…This site is under constant attack by hackers and they may have gotten through. Don’t put Origami into a Videogame; put a Videogame in your Origami! So I thought it would be fun to make that the next Showcase!Rocket and Groot 2: Keep on Truckin’ is now ready for you to read. but not many have seen this one from the golden age of Big 18-Wheel Trucks and CB Radio! I created these fake pages for Rocket and Groot 2: Keep on Truckin’! As always, when I’m on tour Webmaster Sam will be house-sitting, dog-sitting, eating my snacks and probably not updating the […] SFs…. A lot of people have asked me to continue the story of Origami Yoda. Right now I just want you to imagine this chapter: Murky’s mom returns to her home country because her father is sick. That thing up there is a Mega Doodle, the sort of thing we used to do on this site when commenting was allowed. I made the silly poster for it above based […] There it is, folks. Print out this template, cut out the square and fold a water bomb….I took a little Spring Break recently and visited some vending machines*. Do you know what famous event happened here at the “Prairie Outpost? it’s an almost istant tree ornament featuring Donny and Marie Osmond! So when I was a kid — a long time ago in a TV room far far away — I just happened to see this far out Christmas show called Cosmic Christmas one year.Seven of them are about Origami Yoda (and friends), but there are lots more and I hope you’ll give them a try. Webmaster Sam is a bit grouchy about it and is, of course, asking […] WHEW!!! Especially when a single photo has 100 origami figures in it, like Origami RJs pic above! 100 (or so) new posts EVERY DAY during Stooktember…I’ve grouped them by AGE RANGE here, but I hope you won’t ever think you’re too old to have fun with Flytrap […] Hey SFs! In case you don’t have Art2D2, here are Kellen’s instrux for folding a costume… Don’t submit them just […] Wow, SFs, if you go to SF Stookiness right now, you will see awesome origami that was submitted as recently as YESTERDAY! SO, click on SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS and scroll and […] WOW! If you’re not keeping up with STOOKTEMBER, then you are missing stuff like Creepster567’s Cantina Hammerhead! like this fantastic cover Yoda from SF Son Of Darth Paper! unless Webmaster Sam is trapped in the toilet (again) or something!” *I guess they got rid of the machine that sold snacks… Sorry for not posting for a bit there, I was at the Virginia book festival with my friend and fellow Disney author, John Claude Bemis. His book Out of Abaton: The Wooden Prince is sort of like […] Hey SFs!!! And I never forgot it, even though I don’t think I ever saw it again… There’s a new trailer for The School Awakens from the OYEU gang! I think the posters can do other people good, but I also think you will feel good making your own. […] SFs, you have probably heard the terrible news that because of the election, a few (but TOO MANY) students are bullying other students who are minorities.

Above is the the Harvey Relief Mega Doodle as requested by donors we have Pikachu and Rey and they’re playing a video game and the game is: “Super Smoosh Weirdos– Giant Mountain vs. Darth Vader.” If your request is missing, drop Sam another submission with HARVEY […] Worried about the SFs (and others) in the path of Irma. Find a flap to make a tail, then fold the bottom back so they can stand up! Yes, I dragged out my PC (above) and fired up the word processor. I’m so happy to have written one of the 40 stories for this book! I would have been glad to let them use the gag from Rocket and Groot 1: “Guardians of the Nacho Cheez” … It would be so cool to meet Super Folders from the UK! as with most of my trips, Webmaster Sam […] That’s Origami Dave Filoni up there by Yoda Getty!

(Stuff like that used to happen during the wild and wooly days of writing […] Hey SFs!!! That squashed photo at the bottom Is me visiting Marvel for an interview. I was cleaning up a bit the other day and found some stuff I thought you might be interested in. Here is a scratch-n-sniff pickle-scented sticker of Emperor Pickletine. Make sure you’re checking it to see what the other SFs are doing! The bottom “book” doesn’t count since it’s blank origami paper. Really proud of this book, the grand finale to the Inspector Flytrap series. She was an antidote to the helpless heroines in way too many other movies.

I’m right in the middle of the Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin Tour! (I’m holding my first Marvel […] Today’s the BIG day! Rocket, Groot and Veronica land on a planet where all the cars are self-driving cars… And this page of scribbles appears to be notes for Jabba […] Some people tell me they’ve read all my books… coming out AND about having a chance to tour the country coast-to-coast and meet as many of you as possible!!!!!! We’re going to use a poll form to avoid the commenting problems. For example, check out this Cover Yoda by Francis 64: 2) Inspector Flytrap 3 has launched. Leia, like so many […] Hey, SFs, want to put something weird on the tree?

(You’re probably going to need an adult’s help to complete the donation process online) First: an auction to win an origami puppet made by me […] SFs, these floods in Texas are frightening and the damage they’ll leave behind will be heartbreaking. ) Nick The Jedi’s fantastic origami version of Fives, […] Hey SFs! I’ve made video instructions for a new character, but the big event that day will be an Origami Showcase featuring YOUR artwork! Some of you were still in diapers when my first book came out on (I think) April 10, 2007.

Houston-area SFs won’t be checking this site for a long time — they’ll be dealing with much more important things — but we can keep them in our thoughts right now and see how […] If Dwight knew these were for sale at the Dollar store, he might actually eat one. The theme of this showcase: A Tribute to Dave Filoni! The book was called The Qwikpick Adventure Society and the author’s name was Sam Riddleburger. As some people have pointed out, we don’t know if Jedi is singular or plural here! And now that the wait time is reduced, everybody else will get to see your great stuff on the STOOKINESS pages about a week […] SFs…

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Filoni is the guy behind both The Clone Wars […] Hey SFs! (That was just me, of course.(No relation to […] Have you ever wondered why there’s acdrawing in Jabba of Nick the Interrupting Cheeto? As for me, I was busy trying to think of the book title I could make […] HEY SFS…. The good news: You guys are amazing and keep posting amazing stuff! We are all mourning the loss of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

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