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Updating usb 2 0 xp drivers

The PR3 is the combination of two previous Digitrax devices: the PR2 decoder programmer and the MS100 Loco Net to computer interface.The PR3 can be configured through manual (control panel buttons) or automatically (software) means to perform any one of the following three operations: a) The PR3 can be configured to function as a stand alone decoder programmer.The PR3 lets Sound FX users download new Project sound files and even reflash the sound decoder's firmware for latest updates.

The Green LED will wink once per second if in the MS-100 Mode or toggle every second when in the PR2 sound programming mode.

KB172 PR3 - General Applications What are the most common applications for the PR3?

1) Stand alone Sound FX programmer As a bench tool the PR3 is the first USB and second device designed by Digitrax for the programming of the Sound FX sound decoder.

The procedure we document in the following pages is for Windows XP, if you have Windows Vista®, Windows 2000®, or ...

KB118 PR3 - Connecting to UP5 Can the PR3 be connected to the "third" Loco Net port on the side of the UP5, or must it be connected to one of the ports on the rear of the UP5?

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