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The "Real Mc Coy" board that Geoffrey was making soon turned into the "Real Mc Coy Custom 1" board.

This RMC1 board allowed guitarists to determine their own sweep contour, or "Q", which was the point of greatest variation in mod requests.

Much time was spent analyzing old wah boards, both Italian and American.

Being a capable guitarist, the differences were quite easy for Geoffrey to hear, but not so easy to understand.

While the exact date of the wah's origination is open for debate, time has proven that the pedal developed by the Thomas Organ Company has to be considered the father of all subsequent wahs.

When musicians search out old wahs, these are the ones being hunted. They were all built with the same circuit design, but were constructed with wildly varying components.

There had to be some way of making a "bad" board sound "good." Weeks of research passed before something clicked.

After applying the concepts he "rediscovered", Geoffrey was eventually able to transform poor or mediocre sounding wah boards into great sounding ones.

This ability allowed him to offer competent modification services to guitarists around the world.

As word spread, the modification requests increased greatly.

From time to time, Geoffrey even found himself performing mods a second time for certain individuals, altering the characteristics each time.

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