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To rip myself off, when is last time you heard someone say, “I want the Herbalife consultant to follow Boxer!” Would Harris be a great or even an effective senator? A lot of people down here like her, but she’s a Bay Area product, and distance makes it difficult to judge a politician’s intricacies.

Everyone wants to know: Will An Vil run for the Senate seat that Barbara Boxer is vacating in 2016? Seemingly every few days there’s another story built around people “close to Villaraigosa” and stating that he is talking to donors and Democratic leaders and is leaning toward running.

In 2015 no one talks about Mayor Jim Hahn because, well, few people remember that he even was mayor (Hahn also probably likes this level of relative anonymity).

After a failed run for governor, Richard Riordan has assumed Stately Old Guy Authority Status, with his legacy as a civic leader clearly defined. Two years after shuffling off the civic coil, the man who never met a TV camera he didn’t like is at it again.

Angelenos were excited about the potential of the city and its dashing leader with the million-dollar grin. Coyote, taking opportunity and letting it blow up in his face.

Sure, he had the misfortune to assume office shortly before the onset of a brutal recession.

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However, the recession had nothing to do with his biggest goofs, including a botched attempt to seize control of the LAUSD, the affair that killed his marriage and hammered his reputation, and the personal ambition that diluted his attention from running the city.

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